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Enhance - Tyre Shine

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Enhance is a premium quality silicone based tyre shine which will impart a high gloss, wet look finish to tyres. Enhance’s unique silicone based formulation is easy to apply and will give your tyres a long lasting shine. 

Use Enhance to add a finishing touch that will improve the vehicle's appearance with hardly any effort. Enhance contains advanced silicone polymers which give tyres a long lasting shine and easy application.

For best results Enhance should be applied to tyres which have been cleaned and dried before application. For a more satin effect Enhance can be wiped with a clean microfiber cloth immediately after application. 

How to use
Usage Instructions Ensure tyre is clean and dry before application. Apply to tyre wall using a sponge or brush. Wait until product is fully dry before driving. Multiple coats can be applied to achieve the desired gloss level. To achieve a satin effect wipe immediately with a clean microfiber cloth.

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