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Glacier Goo - Premium Snow Foam Pre-Wash

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HLS Glacier Goo Snow Foam is a premium quality snow foam which will give your car a deep cleaning pre-wash prior to manual washing. Glacier Goo has been formulated with premium quality ingredients to offer outstanding performance with absolutely no compromises. Use this product to reduce swirl marks and scratches arising from the manual washing stage of vehicle cleaning.

Glacier Goo when used through a snow foam lance will produce a foam which will envelop every exterior part of your vehicle. It's gentle cleaning action will lift off contaminants without damaging your paintwork. Once these contaminants have been lifted off the paintwork they can be rinsed away with a pressure washer leaving a cleansed surface ready for a manual clean. Glacier Goo will not remove any wax treatment or sealants applied to the paintwork. HLS Glacier Goo Snow Foam has the best foam boosting additives available and will produce a thick foam which will stay working much longer than competing products. It is highly concentrated, 100% biodegradable and comes with a pleasant cherry scent.


○ Highly concentrated
○ Super wetting foam
○ Cherry scent
○ LSP safe
○ Safe cleaning action

Glacier Goo Snow Foam is highly concentrated and will dilute with up to 9 parts water to produce a thick foam. The product has been specifically designed to be used through a foam lance. For normal use mix 100 -200ml of Snow Foam with 900ml of warm water into a snow foam lance bottle. For heavy soiling this can be increased to up to 300ml per 1L of mixed product.

How to use
Usage Instructions Shake before use. For best results apply through a snow foam lance. For normal soiling mix 2:10 with warm water. For heavy soiling mix up to 3:10. Apply to a pre-wet vehicle and leave to work for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with a pressure washer. Never leave product to dry.

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