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Maverick - Cockpit Sheen

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Maverick is a high performance interior dressing that will rejuvenate plastics and rubber as well as impart a long lasting sheen. Maverick’s unique silicone-based formulation will impart a lustrous sheen to internal and external plastic and rubber. Maverick is super easy to use and has a unique fragrance.

Maverick is a highly versatile product and can be used to improve the appearance of almost all plastics, rubber and vinyl surfaces. These include:

○ Bumpers
○ Tyres
○ Interior Trim
○ Dash Boards
○ Centre Consoles
○ Engine Bay Plastics

Note: Do not use Maverick on steering wheels, pedals, gear sticks and footplates as they will become very slippy.

How to use
Usage Instructions Directions: Ensure surface is thoroughly clean before application. We recommend using Complete All-Purpose Cleaner for this purpose. Spray directly to the surface through a trigger spray bottle and wipe with a clean cloth or sponge and remove any excess. Do not apply to steering wheels, pedals or gear sticks as they will become dangerously slippy.

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