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Slyck - Super Shampoo

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Slyck is a ultra premium, highly concentrated car shampoo that produces an ultra slick and silky lather that glides over paintwork with ease, and produces a high gloss, super wet look shine. Slyck is a unique blend of surfactants, wetting agents, optical brighteners and waxing agents which will gently lift away dirt and grime to leave a sparkling streak free finish. 

Slyck contains advanced beading agents that will leave a high gloss finish that will make water bead off the surface. Slyck’s highly concentrated and easy to use formulation makes it the perfect choice for any vehicle washing.

Slyck is ultra concentrated and will produce a rich and silky shampoo with as little as 20ml per 10L bucket. That means you can up up to 250 washes out of just one 5L bottle! Slyck also comes with a pleasant bubble gum fragrance.

How to use
Usage Instructions For best results and to reduce the risk of swirl marks we recommend using Glacier Goo Snow Foam as a pre-wash first. Wet the surface fully before use. Add up to 40ml of Slyck per 10 litres of water in a bucket. Work into surface with wash mitt and use a separate bucket with clean water to rinse the mitt between applications. Rinse well with clean water and dry with a microfibre drying towel or chamois leather for a brilliant smear-free finish.

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