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CH-22 MTX/MTB Cleaner 25L

£48.99 Ex Tax: £40.83

CH-22 is a fast-acting cleaner for mud removal after Motorsport activities.  CH-22 will remove the heaviest of dirt without damaging any part of your motorcycle. CH-22 is safe to use on all paintwork, aluminium, anodising, rubber, carbon fibre and fibre glass. CH-22 is 100% biodegradable and will leave your bike sparklingly clean and shiny!

CH-22 is perfect for use in motorsport for removing the heavy soiling accrued whilst competing. By using CH-22 your bike will look better, finishes will last longer, and your components will perform at their best. CH-22 is very easy to use as no mixing is required. Simply pre-wet the surface with clean water and then apply CH-22 using a spray bottle. Leave to work for 3-5 mins and agitate any heavily soiled areas with a brush before washing off. 

How to use
Usage Instructions Directions: Remove excess mud with a hose before applying CH-22. Wet surface and apply CH-22 using a spray bottle and leave to work for 3-5 minutes. For heavily soiled areas agitate with a brush then rinse well with clean water. Do not apply to hot surfaces. Ensure product has been fully rinsed off with clean water.

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